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  • 702 : incense, lavender and cashmere wood 702 : incense, lavender and cashmere wood

    Bon Parfumeur 702 : incense, lavender and cashmere wood

    Introducing Bon Parfumeur 702: The Essence of Parisian Elegance Experience the essence of a Parisian barber shop in a bottle with Bon Parfumeur 702. This fragrance captures the sophistication and charm of Paris with its woody lavender notes and a hint of incense, making it the perfect olfactory companion for the modern connoisseur. The journey begins with a burst of sparkling and citrusy elemi, accompanied by the captivating allure of incense. As you delve deeper, the heart notes unfold, revealing a harmonious trio of lavender, cedar, and cashmere wood, creating an aromatic symphony that lingers on your senses. The base notes, featuring Peruvian balsam, vanilla, and white musk, add a powerful and velvety finish to this exquisite creation. This fragrance follows the olfactory pyramid, starting with invigorating top notes that give way to heart notes that linger for hours, and finally, the base notes that can enchant for days. The aromatic family of Bon Parfumeur 702 is reminiscent of a bouquet of herbs and aromatics, offering a fresh and gastronomy-inspired scent profile. Incense, with its camphor and pepper facets, brings a mysterious depth to this fragrance, evoking images of church benches and Buddhist temples. Lavender, the emblematic flower of Provence, adds a gentle aromatic facet that harmonizes beautifully with the powerful incense notes. Cashmere wood, known for its amber, woody, and slightly musky aroma, envelops you with floral softness, leaving an unforgettable trail. Elevate your fragrance game with Bon Parfumeur 702 - a true sensory journey through the heart of Paris. Experience the magic of this scent and make it your signature. 30ml Ingredients Alcohol denat., parfum (fragrance), aqua (water), benzyl benzoate, benzyl cinnamate, citral, coumarin, limonene, linalool

  • 801 : sea spray / cedar / grapefruit 801 : sea spray / cedar / grapefruit

    Bon Parfumeur 801 : sea spray / cedar / grapefruit

    Introducing Bon Parfumeur 801 - a fragrance that embodies the essence of a seaside getaway. Immerse yourself in the invigorating aura of the ocean with the refreshing interplay of sea spray, cedar, and grapefruit. At the very outset, this perfume enchants your senses with the lively zest of lemon, the crispness of mandarin, and the tangy allure of grapefruit. Like a gentle sea breeze, it evolves into heart notes of sea spray, evoking the salty, revitalizing scent of seawater. Rosemary lends an aromatic, Mediterranean touch, while pink pepper adds a hint of fruity spice. As the fragrance matures, the base notes emerge, featuring dry cedar reminiscent of weathered driftwood and fresh, woody cypress with subtle camphor undertones. Soft, comforting white musk envelops you like a cozy blanket. Bon Parfumeur 801 encapsulates the aquatic family of scents, evoking the invigorating essence of a sea breeze and morning dew. It captures the elusive aroma of seawater and the crisp, dry woodiness of cedar. Incorporating grapefruit as a top note, this fragrance conjures the sweet and zesty essence of freshly squeezed fruit, infusing your day with a burst of citrus freshness. Experience the seaside in a bottle with Bon Parfumeur 801 - a symphony of sea spray, cedar, and grapefruit that lingers on your skin, bringing the coastal charm to your everyday life. 30ml Ingredients Alcohol denat., parfum (fragrance), aqua (water), benzyl benzoate, benzyl salicylate, citral, citronellol, geraniol, isoeugenol, limonene, linalool, methyl 2-octynoate

  • 402 : vanilla / toffee / sandalwood 402 : vanilla / toffee / sandalwood

    Bon Parfumeur 402 : vanilla / toffee / sandalwood

    Introducing Bon Parfumeur 402 - a harmonious blend of vanilla, caramel, and sandalwood, creating a creamy and captivating fragrance experience. Delight in the millefeuille of scents that dance on your skin, starting with the top notes of almond blossom, imparting a soft and powdery floral essence, harmonized with the sweet allure of icing sugar and the delicate touch of almond. As the heart notes emerge, you'll be entranced by the addictive and round qualities of vanilla, the sweetness evoked by caramel, and the subtle presence of white flowers and fruity hints from jasmine. These notes are a symphony of gourmand perfection. The base notes reveal themselves, leaving a lasting impression with soft, comforting musk, the resinous and fruity notes of benzoin, and the woody creaminess of sandalwood. Sandalwood, known for its gentle and suave character, enriches the vanilla with a seductive and milky facet, ensuring a long-lasting trail that lingers for days. Our 402 fragrance belongs to the vanilla and musk family, delivering a warm, velvety aroma that oscillates between caressing vanilla, candied fruits, and subtle spices. Vanilla, sourced from Madagascar and the island of Reunion, adds a gourmand and sensuous touch, beautifully complemented by the nostalgic sweetness of caramel. Indulge in the creamy allure of sandalwood as it elevates the vanilla note, creating an enchanting olfactory journey. Bon Parfumeur 402 is a wonderfully addictive fragrance that captivates the senses, leaving a lasting impression that transcends time. Experience the magic of scent with our carefully crafted blend of notes. 30ml Ingredients Alcohol denat., aqua (water), parfum (fragrance), benzyl alcohol, benzyl benzoate, benzyl salicylate  

  • 902 : armagnac / blond tobacco / cinnamon 902 : armagnac / blond tobacco / cinnamon

    Bon Parfumeur 902 : armagnac / blond tobacco / cinnamon

    Introducing Bon Parfumeur 902 - a captivating blend of Armagnac, blond tobacco, and cinnamon, curated for those seeking a fragrance reminiscent of a bygone era. If the Peaky Blinders were to choose a signature scent, this would undoubtedly be their choice. Immerse yourself in a symphony of olfactory delights, where three main notes take center stage: Armagnac, Blond Tobacco, and Cinnamon. At the top of this aromatic pyramid, you'll encounter the invigorating zest of juicy oranges, the fiery spice of ginger with a citrusy twist, and the rich, woody essence of Armagnac, evoking images of sun-drenched orchards and dried fruits. As time unfolds, the heart notes emerge, featuring the warm and spicy embrace of cinnamon, hints of gingerbread-like clove, and the delicate sweetness of geranium with a touch of rose and mint. The base notes linger luxuriously, boasting the leathery allure of labdanum, the addictive roundness of vanilla, and the honeyed, woody aroma of blond tobacco, reminiscent of dried leaves and the smoky embrace of a fine cigar. This fragrance belongs to our Special family, a collection of intense and sensual scents that defy convention, leaving an indelible mark on anyone who encounters them. Armagnac, a spirit hailing from the southwest of France, lends a sweet, liquorish note that harmoniously blends with the mildness of blond tobacco. Speaking of which, blond tobacco exudes the warmth and sweetness of dried hay, reminiscent of an evening spent savouring a smoked cigar with a glass of Armagnac. Cinnamon, distilled from dried bark, imparts its warm and woody essence, evoking the cozy aroma of Christmas gingerbread. It infuses the 902 fragrance with an inviting warmth and spiciness that accentuates its character. Experience the allure of Bon Parfumeur 902 – a timeless fragrance that weaves together the aromatic tapestry of Armagnac, blond tobacco, and cinnamon in an unforgettable olfactory journey. 30ml Ingredients Alcohol denat., parfum (fragrance), aqua (water), benzyl alcohol, benzyl benzoate, cinnamal, citral, citronellol, coumarin, eugenol, farnesol, geraniol, isoeugenol, limonene, linalool

  • 901 : nutmeg / almond / patchouli 901 : nutmeg / almond / patchouli

    Bon Parfumeur 901 : nutmeg / almond / patchouli

    Introducing Bon Parfumeur 901 - Nutmeg, Almond, Patchouli: Ignite your senses with this captivating and energizing fragrance. Immerse yourself in a symphony of aromas, where each note unfolds to create a harmonious olfactory experience. Key Features: Nutmeg, Almond, Patchouli: The three main notes that define this enchanting fragrance, combine to deliver a spicy and invigorating scent profile. The Fragrance Journey: Top Notes: Grapefruit: A burst of bitterness and zestiness. Ginger: Infused with spiciness, pepperiness, and a hint of citrus. Almond: A gentle, powdery sweetness. Heart Notes: Black Pepper: A spicy and refreshing chill. Blond Wood: Embracing softness and creaminess. Nutmeg: Evokes spice, dryness, and a subtle dustiness. Base Notes: Patchouli: Resonates with earthy, wet undergrowth aromas. Musk: Offers a soft, comforting, and cottony presence. Tonka Bean: Infused with vanilla, powdery, and almondy undertones. Bon Parfumeur 901 belongs to the Special family of fragrances, characterized by their intense and sensual compositions. These unique scents defy convention and leave an unforgettable impression. Nutmeg's Allure: Originating from Indonesia, nutmeg enchants with its unique scent and taste. In this fragrance, it harmoniously blends with the smoothness of almonds, creating a softly spicy introduction. Almond's Complexity: Almond's fragrance can vary from floral and vanilla to balmy and suave. In this scent, it enhances the "balsamic" notes, offering delicate powdery facets and enriching the overall aroma. Patchouli's Depth: Patchouli, known for its balsamic and leathery facets, adds body and a woody touch to Bon Parfumeur 901. As a base note, it also serves as an excellent fixative, deepening the fragrance's complexity. Experience Bon Parfumeur 901 - Nutmeg, Almond, Patchouli, a captivating fragrance that lingers on your skin, leaving a trail of sensual and irresistible scents. Indulge in this unique olfactory journey today. 30ml Ingredients Alcohol denat., parfum (fragrance), aqua (water), citral, coumarin, eugenol, hydroxycitronellal, limonene

  • 301 : sandalwood / amber / cardamom 301 : sandalwood / amber / cardamom

    Bon Parfumeur 301 : sandalwood / amber / cardamom

    Introducing Bon Parfumeur 301: A Sensational Blend of Amber, Cardamom, and Sandalwood Bon Parfumeur 301 is a captivating olfactory masterpiece that embarks on a tantalizing journey through a spectrum of warm and cold spices. This fragrance is a harmonious dance of scents, where amber, cardamom, and sandalwood take center stage. Key Notes: Amber: The heart of this perfume, amber exudes warmth and power, creating an enduring, enchanting trail. Cardamom: A camphorated and spicy note, cardamom infuses the fragrance with invigorating freshness, setting the stage for a sensory adventure. Sandalwood: This soft, milky wood adds a gentle and alluring touch, balancing the spice elements and providing an enduring, sensual essence. In the top notes, cumin's spicy warmth intertwines with the fruity allure of jasmine, while cardamom's fresh, tea-like aroma creates a captivating tension. The heart notes introduce round and suave amber, complemented by dry, woody cedar and the floral, solar accents of ylang-ylang. As time passes, the base notes emerge, showcasing sandalwood's creamy, woody character alongside the vanilla, resinous depth of benzoin and the earthy allure of patchouli. The 301 fragrance is a part of the spicy amber family, characterized by its warm and balsamic notes, creating a captivating contrast between spices and amber. Amber, in this context, offers soft, sweet, vanilla tones with hints of cistus labdanum, imbuing the scent with warmth and depth. Cardamom, on the other hand, introduces a camphorated, spicy dimension to the composition, distinguishing itself from other spices like cinnamon or cumin. Sandalwood, known for its soft and milky attributes, extends the perfume's sensual and bewitching quality while tempering the spice elements. Bon Parfumeur 301 is a harmonious symphony of fragrant elements, offering a complex and long-lasting sensory experience that evolves over time. Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of 301, where the interplay of warm and cold spices, enriched by amber and sandalwood, creates an irresistible allure that lingers for days. 30ml Ingredients Alcohol denat., parfum (fragrance), aqua (water), alpha-isomethyl ionone, benzyl benzoate, benzyl cinnamate, benzyl salicylate, cinnamyl alcohol, eugenol, farnesol, geraniol, hexyl cinnamal, isoeugenol, linalool

  • 904 Afterhomework : vodka / tobacco / juniper 904 Afterhomework : vodka / tobacco / juniper

    Bon Parfumeur 904 Afterhomework : vodka / tobacco / juniper

    Introducing Bon Parfumeur 904 - an exhilarating olfactory experience that captures the essence of an iced vodka shot on a brisk night. Immerse yourself in a scent that is fresh, robustly spiced, and intensely woody, evoking memories of tobacco-infused vodka. Key Fragrance Notes: Vodka: The exhilarating aroma of vodka, icy and invigorating. Tobacco: Warm and gentle, reminiscent of dried hay, creating a honeyed, woody undertone. Juniper: Aromatic and peppery, akin to the freshness of gin, perfectly complementing the vodka note. Olfactory Pyramid: Top Notes: Bitter Orange: Juicy and zesty. Juniper: Spicy and peppery, reminiscent of gin. Peppermint: Fresh, green, and minty. Heart Notes: Cinnamon: Spicy and warm, invoking memories of apple pie. Vodka: Fresh and alcoholic. Pink Pepper: Peppery with fruity mango undertones, adding a refreshing twist. Base Notes: Patchouli: Woody, evoking the scent of wet undergrowth. Vetiver: Earthy, woody, with a hint of nuttiness. Tobacco: Woody and honeyed, reminiscent of dried leaves. Bon Parfumeur's 904 is a captivating fragrance that follows the olfactory pyramid, unveiling its complexity over time. The top notes burst with freshness, leading to enduring heart notes that linger for hours, and finally, the base notes that can persist for days. In the Special family of perfumes, 904 stands out with its intense and sensual character, making it an unmissable choice for those seeking unique and potent fragrances. Experience the chill of vodka, the warmth of tobacco, and the aromatic allure of juniper berry, all in one mesmerizing scent. 30ml Ingredients Alcohol denat., parfum (fragrance), aqua (water), cinnamal, citral, citronellol, coumarin, eugenol, farnesol, geraniol, limonene, linalool

  • 103 : tiare flower / jasmine / hibiscus 103 : tiare flower / jasmine / hibiscus

    Bon Parfumeur 103 : tiare flower / jasmine / hibiscus

    Introducing Perfume 103 - Solar Tiare Blossom, Jasmine, and Hibiscus Fragrance Experience the essence of a sun-soaked getaway with Perfume 103 - a radiant floral symphony that captures the spirit of vacation bliss. Envelop yourself in the caress of sunbeams on your skin as this exquisite fragrance unfolds. At its heart, this fragrance celebrates the luxurious tiare flower, entwined with the luminous notes of jasmine and hibiscus. Like a warm embrace, the scent begins with invigorating bursts of bergamot and neroli, conjuring memories of sunlit mornings. As the fragrance settles, it unveils the opulent tiare flower, reminiscent of the tropical allure of monoï, accompanied by the gentle elegance of jasmine and hibiscus, evoking visions of sandy beaches and lazy summer days. The base notes reveal a soothing combination of vanilla and musk, crafting a lingering, milky trail that mirrors the comfort of cherished summer recollections. The olfactory journey starts with a burst of top notes, followed by enduring heart notes that paint an aromatic portrait for hours. Finally, the base notes unfold, enduring even for days. Perfume 103 belongs to the floral fragrance family, known for its multifaceted and refined compositions. This fragrance artfully blends Tiare flower's monoï-infused sweetness, jasmine's radiant white gold aura, and hibiscus' delicate tropical facet, resulting in a harmonious, sunlit bouquet. Indulge in the tropical sophistication of Tiare flower, the luminosity of jasmine, and the delicacy of hibiscus - all captured in a bottle of Perfume 103. Let its solar warmth transport you to serene shores and everlasting summer moments. 30ml Ingredients Alcohol denat., parfum (fragrance), aqua (water), anise alcohol, benzyl alcohol, benzyl benzoate, benzyl salicylate, geraniol, hydroxycitronellal, isoeugenol, limonene, linalool

  • 803 : sea spray / ginger / patchouli 803 : sea spray / ginger / patchouli

    Bon Parfumeur 803 : sea spray / ginger / patchouli

    Introducing Bon Parfumeur 803 - A Symphony of Sea Spray, Ginger, and Patchouli Bon Parfumeur 803 invites you to embark on a fragrant journey that captures the essence of frosted patchouli, where hot and cold sensations collide in olfactory harmony. This captivating fragrance unfolds in three main notes: Sea Spray, Ginger, and Patchouli. At the very top, the scent bursts forth with a spicy, fruity dance of Pink Pepper, reminiscent of mango, and Juniper Berry, evoking the aroma of gin. Zesty citrus and potent spice from Ginger complete this invigorating overture. As the scent mellows, heart notes emerge, enchanting your senses with Aniseed, redolent of licorice, and Ylang Ylang, infusing sensuality with its white floral bouquet. The marine scent of Sea Spray weaves a refreshing tapestry throughout. Finally, the base notes ground the fragrance with the earthy, woody character of Patchouli, while Seaweed adds a salty, woody depth, and Ambergris imparts a mineral, iridescent quality. The aquatic family, embodied in Bon Parfumeur 803, encapsulates the refreshing aroma of sea spray and morning dew, with invigorating iodine notes that transport you to the seaside with every spritz. Ginger's pungent, slightly pink citrus scent harmonizes perfectly with the sea spray, creating a fresh and revitalizing experience, while Patchouli, known for its balsamic and leathery facets, adds depth and signature woody notes to this exquisite fragrance. Bon Parfumeur 803 is a frosted patchouli masterpiece, a blend of hot and cold, capturing the essence of the sea, ginger's zest, and the rich warmth of patchouli. Elevate your senses with this remarkable olfactory journey. 30ml Ingredients Alcohol denat., parfum (fragrance), aqua (water), alpha-isomethyl ionone, citral, coumarin, limonene, linalool.

  • 106 : damascena rose / davana / vanilla 106 : damascena rose / davana / vanilla

    Bon Parfumeur 106 : damascena rose / davana / vanilla

      Experience the captivating allure of Bon Parfumeur 106, a fragrant masterpiece that weaves together the enchanting notes of Damascena rose, davana, and vanilla. Indulge in the realm of sensuality with this exquisite perfume, perfectly suited for those who embrace the night. At the heart of this fragrance, the Damascena rose reigns supreme, its velvety petals exuding a captivating radiance. A touch of pink pepper imparts a refreshing twist, while the musky and vanilla undertones create a symphony of depth and allure. The olfactory journey is divided into three main notes: the fruity allure of Damascena rose, the fruity and licorice-like davana, and the addictive and round essence of vanilla. As the scent unfolds, the fragrance pyramid takes you through an enchanting exploration of notes. The top notes burst forth with the fruity rose of Damascena, complemented by the spiciness of pink pepper and the sweetness of amber seed. The heart notes feature the fruity and velvety facets of davana, the freshness of upcycled rose, and the woody charm of papyrus. Finally, the base notes conclude the experience with the warm embrace of vanilla, the softness of Peruvian Balsam, and the milky richness of sandalwood. Bon Parfumeur's 106 is not just a fragrance, but an artistic composition that evolves over time. The top notes gracefully give way to the enduring heart notes, which in turn yield to the lingering base notes, creating an experience that lasts for days. This scent belongs to the Floral fragrance family, known for its multifaceted elegance, ranging from soft and fresh to sensual and intense. In crafting 106, Damascena rose takes center stage, offering a unique blend of lychee, raspberry, and freshness. Complemented by upcycled rose, this innovative ingredient adds a lighter dimension to the fragrance, enhancing the natural garden rose aroma. Davana, a green leaf from India, contributes a fruity, cherry-like facet with a powerful licorice note, while the vanilla adds a gourmand and spicy essence, accentuating the rose's sensuality. Embark on a journey with Eau de Parfum 106—a harmonious symphony of roses and captivating elements that celebrate the art of true perfumery.  

  • 105 YMC : tangerine / cinnamon / sandalwood 105 YMC : tangerine / cinnamon / sandalwood

    Bon Parfumeur 105 YMC : tangerine / cinnamon / sandalwood

    Introducing Bon Parfumeur 105 YMC - an enigmatic blend of mandarin, cinnamon, and sandalwood, crafting an alluring androgynous aroma. This fragrance unfolds as a versatile composition, weaving between floral and spicy accords. Mandarin and geranium converge to conjure an imaginative rose essence, while a triumvirate of saffron, cinnamon, and cardamom infuse a twist of spiciness. The embrace of creamy sandalwood envelops this intriguingly spiced rose, radiating warmth. The olfactory journey commences with invigorating top notes: Mandarin: bestowing a fresh, juicy essence Freesia: an alluring, floral sweetness Saffron: infusing a spicy, leathery undertone The heart notes reveal captivating layers: Geranium: a rosy hue with minty undertones Cinnamon: delicately adding warmth and vanilla-like richness Amyris wood: a creamy, soft facet reminiscent of nuts The journey culminates in deep base notes: Sandalwood: offering woody, creamy depths Cedar: lending a dry, pencil-like woody facet Musks: imparting a soft, comforting, cotton-like aura As time unfolds, the fragrance journey progresses: Top notes initiate the experience, giving way to heart notes that linger for hours. Finally, base notes emerge, their presence sometimes extending for days. The Floral fragrance family, epitomized by scents like rose, jasmine, and mimosa, is an intricate tapestry of multifaceted elegance, oscillating between freshness and intensity. The mandarin note infuses a burst of freshness and sparkling vitality into the top notes. Cinnamon, delicately interwoven, evokes warm, woody, and powdery impressions, departing from its traditional spicy allure. Sandalwood, a soft and milky wood, weaves a sensual trail throughout the fragrance, accentuated by the initial citrus notes. The heart intrigues with a daring interplay of cinnamon, geranium, and spicy rose, infusing warmth and audacity before melding into the woody base notes. Discover YMC: Established in 1995 by Fraser Moss and Jimmy Collins, YMC epitomizes minimalist and timeless fashion, drawing from "army chic" and "workwear" aesthetics, and challenging conventions. The Bon Parfumeur x YMC collaboration narrates a tale of synergy between a cutting-edge French perfumery and the renowned British label. YMC's spirited and unconventional ethos, embodied by "You Must Create," harmonizes with Bon Parfumeur's essence, inspiring collaboration. Uncover Saffron: Saffron, a captivating spice, enlivens fragrances with its spicy allure akin to cinnamon, cardamom, and cloves. Within YMC's rose perfume, saffron, a rare essence derived from buds, elevates the composition. Its unique olfactory profile, reminiscent of leather or concrete, enriches the experience, echoing also in our n°903 oud perfume. Exploring Powdery Notes: Powdery notes in perfumery mirror the sensation of tender fabrics like cashmere against the skin. Evocative and comforting, they stir profound emotions. Our YMC rose perfume encapsulates this addictive quality, while n°101 boasts gentle, soothing powdery notes. Embracing Sandalwood: Sandalwood, sourced from Santalum trees across India, Australia, and beyond, offers a warm, milky, and sensual essence. In YMC rose perfume, sandalwood forms enduring base notes, epitomizing longevity. Its allure graces other Bon Parfumeur creations, such as n°301, n°401, and n°302. Embark on a scented voyage with Bon Parfumeur 105 YMC, an aromatic testament to collaboration, innovation, and artistry. 30 ml Ingredients Alcohol denat., parfum (fragrance), aqua (water), alpha-isomethyl ionone, cinnamal, citral, citronellol, eugenol, farnesol, geraniol, hexyl cinnamal, hydroxycitronellal, limonene, linalool

  • 303 : pepper / pink pepper / benzoin 303 : pepper / pink pepper / benzoin

    Bon Parfumeur 303 : pepper / pink pepper / benzoin

    Introducing Bon Parfumeur 303 - A Spicy Amber Elixir Unveil a captivating symphony of scents with Bon Parfumeur 303, a fragrance that invites pepper and chilli to perform a mesmerizing dance on your senses. At its core, 303 is an aromatic blend that evolves into a warm and spicy embrace, enriched with cardamom and a heart of sensual ylang-ylang. The enchanting amber accents of benzoin and Tolu balsam linger on your skin, leaving an intensely sensual trail. Key Notes: Chilli Pepper, Pink Pepper, Benzoin The Olfactory Journey Top Notes: Cardamom: A spicy freshness reminiscent of Indian tea. Pink Pepper: A peppery, fruity essence with hints of mango and freshness. Chilli: A spicy and intensely warm aroma. Heart Notes: Ylang Ylang: Unveils sensuality with its white flower essence. Patchouli: Evokes the scent of damp undergrowth. Tolu Balsam: Infused with spiciness, resinous richness, and amber undertones. Base Notes: Vetiver: Offers woody, earthy notes with a hint of nuttiness. Benjoin: Unveils vanilla, resinous, and fruity undertones. Musks: Provides a soft, comforting, and cottony finish. Spicy Amber Family 303 belongs to the spicy amber fragrance family, characterized by warm and balsamic scents. These fragrances boast strong characters that captivate with their interplay of amber and spice, creating a delightful tension between spices like cardamom and amber. Chilli Pepper's Aroma Chilli pepper boasts a powerful and spicy aroma that adds depth and an incredible hot-cold contrast to the composition, complementing the warmth of pink pepper. Pink Pepper's Essence Hailing from South America, pink pepper is a cold spice with a spicy and fresh aroma, bridging the gap between pepper and juniper berry. Its vibrant essence contrasts beautifully with the warmth of chillies. Benzoin's Fragrance Benzoin is described as the "smell of a sugarplum with a vanilla taste." This composition harmoniously binds the ingredients, infusing the heart with softness and comfort, reminiscent of its familiar presence in various contexts, from tobacco in cigarettes to the enveloping identity of Armenian paper. Bon Parfumeur 303 invites you to experience a bewitching ballet of spices and amber, a sensory journey that lingers in memory. Discover its captivating allure today. 30 ml  Ingredients Alcohol denat., parfum (fragrance), aqua (water), benzyl alcohol, benzyl benzoate, benzyl cinnamate, benzyl salicylate, cinnamyl alcohol, citral, citronellol, coumarin, eugenol, farnesol, geraniol, isoeugenol, limonene, linalool

Bon Parfumeur


Entering a perfumer's workshop should not be a privilege from another time.

Ludovic Bonneton, the founder of Bon Parfumeur, has been certain of this since the day Raymond Chaillan, an illustrious contemporary perfumer, invited him into his workshop.

The surprising discussion, free of all technicalities, where sensory pleasure prevailed over complex codes. This meeting opened up new horizons for this great lover of perfumery: talking about perfume in all its sensitivity is possible!

And thus Bon Parfumeur was born.


At Bon Parfumeur, they are convinced that perfume should include and connect.

This art of imagination and know-how, which few master, is everyone's passion. Perfume with beautiful materials is the pleasure of our community.

Choosing a perfume is about giving yourself a special moment, it is also connecting with the heart of another person, bringing them joy, because fragrance creates bonds.

When Bon Parfumeur tells its unique and heartfelt story, unlike the industry, they rely on the unwavering connection between their friends, their community, their history, their products and the creative process.


Bon Parfumeur perfumes are based on the ancestral know-how of French perfumers. Their reading grid allows a discovery and a sharing of the high perfumery.

Each bottle has:

  > A number to identify the chronology of creation

  > 3 main ingredients of the juice

  > An olfactory family recognizable by its colour

With Bon Parfumeur, perfume becomes once again a source of encounters around creations made in France with love and in a responsible manner.

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