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  • Spark Trucker Hat Spark Trucker Hat

    Breedwell Spark Trucker Hat

    With rhinestones dripping from the front and the brim, you’ll be the spark that sets fire to all the clubs and parties. The SPARK TRUCKER HAT has a mesh back panel with the BREEDWELL  logo; and because it has a snapback, it’s customizable for any size. Go ahead, get your SPARK on.  

  • Signet Ring 7mm Signet Ring 7mm

    Pig & Hen Signet Ring 7mm

    The Signet 7mm Ring is the perfect ring to match with your Pig & Hen bracelets. Power of the Stones:Lapis Lazuli: Has a positive effect on friendly and romantic relationships. COLOR: Lapis-Lazuli | Silver MATERIAL TYPE: 316L Stainless Steel, Semi-precious stones


  • Navarch 6mm Ring Navarch 6mm Ring

    Pig & Hen Navarch 6mm Ring

    Introducing the Navarch 6mm Ring. Carefully handmade from the highest quality stainless steel and marine rope, this ring is made to last a lifetime. Known as the leader of ships in ancient Greek the Navarch 6mm ring will elevate any outfit. Whether you want to match it with our Navarch cuff or mix it up with our other bracelet styles, this ring is designed to suit every occasion. COLOR: Black | Black ROPE WIDTH: 2 mm ROPE TYPE: Round MATERIAL TYPE: 316L Stainless Steel Black PVD, Marine rope


  • Dogtag necklace Dogtag necklace

    Pig & Hen Dogtag necklace

    Introducing Pig & Hen's brand new Dogtag Black Agate Necklace. Made from 316L stainless steel this necklace has been designed to elevate any outfit. Known to provide peace and protection, the addition of the Black Agate stone feature will bring positive energy to those who wear it. Why not pair your Dogtag Necklace with Pig & Hen's Signet 7mm Ring Black Agate? The necklace has a width of 2 mm and is 60 cm long. The pendant has a length of 25 mm, a width of 12.5 mm and a thickness of 3 mm.


  • Curb Chain Necklace Curb Chain Necklace

    Pig & Hen Curb Chain Necklace

    Introducing Pig & Hen's brand new range of Curb Chain Necklaces. Made from the highest quality 316L stainless steel, in black and silver these Curb Chain Necklaces add a classic touch to any outfit. The Curb Chain Necklace has a width of 3mm and a length of 50 cm.

  • Logo Pendant Necklace Logo Pendant Necklace

    Pig & Hen Logo Pendant Necklace

    Discover Pig & Hen's latest necklace, featuring a pendant in the shape of the Pig and the Hen from our logo. This necklace with pendant pays homage to these animals, which were once tattooed on sailors' feet for good luck. Sailors believed they would survive storms at sea, just as pigs and hens often survived in wooden crates that remained afloat during shipwrecks. Wear this stylish and meaningful necklace, perfect for pairing with other silver or dark jewelry. MATERIAL TYPE: 316L Stainless Steel


  • Boxchain Necklace Boxchain Necklace

    Pig & Hen Boxchain Necklace

    Introducing Pig & Hen's latest necklace, the 'Boxchain Necklace'. This necklace is crafted from the finest quality stainless steel and is the perfect basic chain to complete your look. With its timeless design, the Boxchain Necklace adds a touch of elegance to any outfit. MATERIAL TYPE: 316L Stainless Steel


  • Little Lewis DBL in Atlas Green/Black Little Lewis DBL in Atlas Green/Black

    Pig & Hen Little Lewis DBL in Atlas Green/Black

    Little Lewis DBL features two stylish chokers and is adjustable for a perfect fit. Coming in several colors it is understated and masculine, looking just as good with a tee as it does slipped under a white shirt cuff. COLOR: Cream - Atlas Green | Silver ROPE WIDTH: 4 mm ROPE TYPE: Round SHACKLE COLOUR: Silver SHACKLE SIZE: 6 mm SHACKLE TYPE: Choker MATERIAL TYPE: 316L Stainless Steel, Marine rope


  • Daunting Dean in Salmon Orange/Silver Daunting Dean in Salmon Orange/Silver

    Pig & Hen Daunting Dean in Salmon Orange/Silver

    Meet the Daunting Dean, Pig & Hen's latest adjustable bracelet. With its two subtle, iconic D-closures and adjustable loops, it offers ultimate comfort. Perfect for pairing with other jewelry for an effortlessly stylish look. COLOR: Salmon Orange | Silver ROPE WIDTH: 2 mm ROPE TYPE: Round SHACKLE COLOR: Silver SHACKLE SIZE: 3 mm SHACKLE TYPE: Choker MATERIAL TYPE: 316L Stainless Steel, Marine rope


  • Cuffed Acrylic Beanie Cuffed Acrylic Beanie

    Kootenay Knit & Apparel Cuffed Acrylic Beanie

    A unisex beanie with fold-up cuff that can be worn cuffed or slouched. • 100% acrylic• double layer• available in 2 colours

  • Merino Cuffed Beanie Merino Cuffed Beanie

    Kootenay Knit & Apparel Merino Cuffed Beanie

    A trendy unisex Italian Merino wool rib knit, double-layer beanie with a fold-up cuff that can be worn cuffed or slouched. Merino wool adds exceptional softness, breathability, warmth and moisture-wicking.• 50% merino wool / 50% acrylic• available in 3 colours• Made in Canada

  • Acrylic Waffle Beanie Acrylic Waffle Beanie

    Kootenay Knit & Apparel Acrylic Waffle Beanie

    A popular unisex waffle knit double-layer beanie with a folded cuff.• 100% Acrylic• Double Layer• One Size• Available in 2 Colours• Made in Canada

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