What Your Perfume Says About You?

What Your Perfume Says About You?

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While we might not all currently have a signature scent, there’s one thing that we do all have: scent preferences. 

Whether it be apple pie baking in the oven, ocean breezes, spicy ginger, or freshly mown grass, you’ll find that some people prefer one scent, while others might gravitate towards the total opposite. 
Undeniably, choosing a perfume is completely individual, and that’s why we want to help guide you in how to choose a perfume. While some of the journeys might seem intuitive, understanding scents and how to choose a perfume that suits your personality will help make the whole process much more enjoyable. 
Are you ready to scoop up a signature scent that you’re absolutely obsessed with? Here are all our best tips about how to choose perfume: 
1) Don’t make assumptions about scents 
First things first, don’t assume what scents you like and what scents you don’t like. 
While this may seem tedious, we highly recommend carving out some time to explore different scents and scent pairings. Because trust us, you might think you hate the smell of lavender, but there’s a chance you’ve only ever smelled low-quality lavender. Or hey, perhaps you’re taking a look at our 602 fragrance and you notice it contains patchouli, which has always been a smell you’ve stayed away from. Well, do you know what patchouli smells like when combined with pepper and cedar? Probably not. That’s why we always suggest testing a scent before making a judgement. 
Be playful with scent, and never knock a scent until you give it the sniff taste. Plain and simple. 
2) Take your time 
Did you know that the smell of perfume can change slightly over time?
While you’re not going to notice a dramatic change, when you first apply perfume you’re likely smelling the top note, but after four hours or so, you will notice that the perfume shifts slightly to the “heart” of the scent. Keep this in mind when choosing your perfume so you don’t immediately go with your first instinct. In other words, let it sink in before making a snap judgement. 
Are you sensing a theme here about taking your time with choosing your perfume?
3) (Lightly) Consider your personality 
Obviously you know yourself best, so how to choose a perfume that suits your personality might not seem like a difficult task. In reality, however, it can be easy enough to get stuck in a perfume rut. 
For instance, let’s say you’re known for your gentle, shy personality so you go for a more floral, soft perfume. Or perhaps you’re the opposite with a bold, fiery personality so you go with a rich, sensual perfume. 
Sure, these choices might seem in line with what people expect of your perfume preferences, but we highly recommend not letting personality be the deciding factor for choosing your signature scent. Instead, be aware that perfume is highly individual, and don’t be afraid to take the time to figure out scents you’re truly drawn to instead of trying to fit scents to suit some preconceived notion of what you think you’re supposed to like. Make sense?  
In fact, if possible, disguise the scent before trying it, or don’t research what’s in it when you sample. This way, you don’t have any internal biases, and you truly go with the scent you like best. 
So what does your perfume say about you?
Well, first of all, remember, your perfume preferences do not define you, choosing one doesn’t need to be stressful, and perfume is just another exciting level of your totally individual style. 
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Keep those guidelines in mind, don’t forget to check out our full range of exciting scents and you should have no difficulties on how to choose the best perfume for you. To learn more about our exciting lineup of scents or what you can order from our online shop during quarantine, reach out to our team at Grapefruit today! We’ll be happy to help send the perfect scent to keep your lockdown exciting.
Photo by Luca Nardone from Pexels


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