Why Puzzles Are the New Quarantine Activity

Why Puzzles Are the New Quarantine Activity

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Puzzle sales have drastically risen during the Covid-19 pandemic, with strict stay-at-home orders inspiring people to find new ways to entertain themselves. While often viewed as a retro activity, puzzles still have a place in the 21st century. In fact, even as borders begin to reopen, you can still continue to reap the benefits of puzzles, including their positive effects on your mental health.

Whether you’re bored, feeling anxious, or simply looking for a new hobby, sitting down and solving a puzzle can help. Read on to find out why puzzles might be the perfect quarantine activity for you.

The Different Types of Puzzles

Are you an old-school jigsaw lover, or do you prefer more complex murder-mystery-style puzzles? Whatever your preference, there is something out there for you. 

The most common puzzle type is the jigsaw puzzle. People have enjoyed jigsaws for centuries, and they were a common form of entertainment before the inception of smartphones and digital distractions. Jigsaws vary in difficulty and size, with some puzzles for adults containing more than 40,000 pieces!

Other popular types of puzzles include crosswords and sudoku puzzles. Crosswords are an excellent choice for people who love word clues, while sudoku is ideal for those who love numbers.

Another popular puzzle format is murder mysteries or crime scene investigation games. These puzzles can be elaborate and interactive, encouraging players to dress up and act out roles. Murder mysteries are excellent puzzles for adults who want to have fun with a small group of friends.

The Many Different Benefits of Puzzles

A reason why puzzles have grown in popularity during the past year is that they offer many benefits at a time when we all needed it most. We’ve all been suffering from the pandemic's side effects and need activities that calm and distract us from current global events. Here’s how puzzle-solving can help you during these tough times:

Puzzles Reduce Boredom

At the moment, our activity options are severely limited, making us vulnerable to intense boredom. Since puzzles consume time and require your full attention, time just flies when you’re solving one. If you’re feeling bored and frustrated at how your days are dragging, try completing a puzzle, and you’ll surely be surprised at how quick one afternoon can go by.

Puzzles Give You a Sense of Achievement

Right now, even the smallest of accomplishments feel great. Solving a puzzle gives us a sense of achievement and feels like a positive use of our time. Instead of wasting time scrolling through social media, try something more productive, like completing a puzzle instead.

Spend Quality Time With Family

Puzzles also provide a great way to spend quality time with your close friends and family. The pandemic has shown us that relationships with people are more important than ever, and puzzles provide the ultimate bonding experience. Get out that jigsaw, and work as a team with your housemates as you focus on completing it together!

Puzzles Help With Mental Health

Finally and most importantly, puzzles are incredibly beneficial for your mental health. Covid-19 has increased the prevalence of depression and anxiety due to the uncertain times we are living in. 

Puzzles help with anxiety since they provide people with a sense of control and an achievable goal. Moreover, the pride and joy that come with completing a puzzle can release a small amount of dopamine in the brain, making us feel good while reducing feelings of stress.

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